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These principles helped 23 people from…

Back in May, I wrote an article about key learnings from my time at Zume and mentioned that there would be a few more posts. A lot has happened since that first article that delayed the subsequent posts — namely, 2020 continued to surprise us all, and I’ve been busy working on my new startup. However, the time has finally arrived to move the remaining lessons out of my notebook and into the world. So without further ado.

A quick hop to 1992. Zoo TV Tour. Floating cars with bright headlights. TVs and massive screens are flashing provocative messages. “Taste…

I joined Zume in October 2015 as the company’s first full-stack engineer, when we were still Zume Pizza. I was let go last month, from my role as VP Engineering, four and a half years later, along with my entire team and business unit, due to a restructuring that was prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. My cross-functional team of engineers, product designers, and product managers were responsible for building software for Zume Forward’s mobile kitchens. Ironically, we were on the verge of launching a new SaaS product aimed at helping restaurants transition into an off-premise first world.

Even though the…

Edoe Cohen

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